10 Questions to Reflect on 2017 & Refocus for 2018

This year I'm determined to plan some time in advance to reflect on what's been great about 2017 and set some new goals for 2018. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the questions I'll be mulling over. Why not take some time out over the holiday, go for a walk, have a hot bath or just sit somewhere quiet and have a think about what the start of the new year will mean for you.

Breastfeeding ~ Expectations vs. Reality

Before becoming a parent I had a very idealistic impression of breastfeeding. Probably from brief glimpses of mum's feeding their babies in quaint little coffee shops, by the lake or in the park, the birds singing sweetly in the background. You get the idea. The feature photo for this post sums up my impression pretty well. I can assure you though, that the reality when this photo was taken, was actually quite different!...

Sticking to a Budget: 5 Tips for Success

Do you ever get a feeling of dread when you go to check your bank balance? Back in my uni days I got that sinking feeling whenever it came to thinking about printing a statement or checking my on-screen balance. It took a lot of courage to actually look for fear of what I might … Continue reading Sticking to a Budget: 5 Tips for Success