Hi! My name is Lucy, I’m in my twenties and live on the South Coast of England. I’m married to a crazy Dutch-South African called Berno, who works for a Christian youth charity whilst I stay at home to look after our daughter Heidi and try and keep things reasonably organised!

Here’s a picture of Berno and I before we became parents. Look at us, so fresh faced, no bags under our eyes, no idea of what parenthood would bring! We had time to go to the cinema, eat out, and, well we had so much time, we could lie down in a field of bluebells if we felt like it!


Before Heidi arrived on the scene, we read several books to try and prepare ourselves for parenting. We had a strategy all planned out! As soon as she was in our arms though, all the theory went out the window and we had to find our way, weighing up all the different opinions and approaches around us.

I decided to start writing this blog a year into Heidi’s life, to document and share my discoveries and reflections on motherhood and being a parent. The hope being that it would not only be a place to document and share the various challenges as Heidi grows older, but that it would also be a source of help, encouragement and inspiration to other mums who are on the same journey.

My husband Berno is to credit for most of the photos published in this blog. If you would like to see more of his work, please follow this link.

Bluebell Vierbergen